Most business professionals spend the bulk of their time in the office, but significant changes are coming. The rise of smart devices, wearable technology, flexible working hours, and telecommuting means change in the traditional workspace. So, what might the workplace of the future look like? We ventured a guess as to the future of the office design.


Natural elements and green spaces. Many businesses are starting to understand that taking an obligation for their employees’ health and well being leads to a more creative and productive workforce, which is ultimately better for the bottom line. Expect to see a big push toward natural elements and green spaces. Both features will allow workers to clear their minds, boosting well being and productivity in the process.


Embrace the outdoors. In keeping with the environment, people thrive when they’re connected to the elements. They want a setting that will allow them to experience the time of day, the changing seasons, and the weather. As such, companies will begin to create more outdoor spaces where employees can step out for some fresh air, host al fresco brainstorming sessions, and schedule meetings with potential clients.



Flexibility is key. Unlike decades ago where the secretarial pool dominated the majority of the workspace, tomorrow’s offices will cater to freelancers, telecommuters, and job sharers. Future employees will want, and might expect, flexible spaces and interactive features. These might include soundproofing elements, communication boards, portable walls, modular furniture, and standing desks.


Work-life balance. With downtime increasingly seen as pivotal to the creative process, expect employers to offer a more comfortable setting – think TVs, plush seating, relaxation areas. With flexible working hours already on the rise, a place where employees can work without the pressures and formality of the traditional office will be a huge draw.


The workplace will see some interesting advancements with the evolution of the office. They might be wonderful new gadgets and equipment, or perhaps designs that promote health, harmony, and happiness. Regardless of what’s to come, one thing is for sure – there will always be the need for a physical space where people can congregate for human interaction and collaboration. Let Alliance Corporate Services share ideas and concept designs for your future project.