Talk to any recruitment manager or human resources professional, and they’ll say the same thing: competition for top talent is tough. Corporate managers are getting creative with their methods for recruiting and retaining sought-after employees, presenting workplace design and office amenities as perks of the job.

Here are a few design amenities employees consider to be most important in the workplace, and that we believe make their lives easier and more productive.

Multipurpose collaboration spaces, lunchrooms, and game lounges are lively and active, encouraging interaction and creating an opportunity for employees to interact, socialize, and unwind. It’s a place they know they can go to grab a drink or a snack, take a break from work for a few minutes, and even commiserate with coworkers.


Employers are recognizing the importance of creating small collaboration spaces. With the continued popularity of open spaces, companies must also allocate space for private spaces and small meeting rooms where employees can work quietly, make private calls, and hold impromptu meetings.


As the workplace has evolved through the years, so has office furniture. Adjustable height desks have gained popularity among employees for their ability to help them stay active while continuing to work. Given the amount of time employees spend at their desks, comfortable chairs are also a top priority. After all, a good chair can dramatically increase comfort, improve posture, and reduce health risks.


A well-designed space with plenty of office amenities is key when creating a workplace environment that will entice top talent. Whether you’re looking to acquire a few select pieces or redesign your entire workspace, Alliance Corporate Services is always eager to share our knowledge of the hundreds of thousands of products we have at our disposal. Contact us to get started on your next project.