With the unemployment rate at an all-time low, employers are getting creative about ways to attract new employees and retain existing ones. With competition to recruit and retain becoming increasingly more challenging, many companies are reassessing and redesigning the workplace in order to be able to offer a more attractive work space.

I’ve said it before, the way a work space is designed can impact productivity, collaboration, and creativity. But, if you had to guess, would you know what type of features your employees want in the workplace? The answer is obviously different for all. However, as someone who has been collaborating in office design for over 45 years, I’ve worked on enough designs to know the answer to that. Here are the top three features I often hear requested.

Functional desks

For years, the industry standard for most desk heights was 29″. But, when it comes to desks, one size does not fit all. The standard size is only ideal for a 6’2″ person. Modular desks and height-adjustable desks that accommodate people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities are better options.

Comfortable chairs

On average, an employee spends almost six hours sitting down. If it makes up for such a big part of their daily routines, it stands to reason that the chair they sit in should be as comfortable as possible. Ergonomics are important, helping to increase comfort and productivity, improve posture, and reduce health risks.

Meeting spaces

Meetings are an integral part of any business, and the popularity of open work spaces has created a need for small gathering spaces. Whether it’s a space for internal collaboration among employees or a more private meeting room for more sensitive conversations or client interactions, having a place to go to for impromptu meetings or concentration breaks is key.

A workplace put together with the overall happiness of employees in mind is crucial to creating a successful and productive environment. Better still, any office designed and outfitted based on employees’ needs will always be appreciated. Are you ready to get started? Contact Alliance Corporate Services for help with your transformation.