It’s no secret the obesity crisis in America has become an epidemic. The numbers are staggering … more than 2/3 of American adults are considered to be overweight, and one in three is considered obese. What’s driving America’s chronic weight problem? While portion sizes and fad diets have taken a toll on our waistlines, our sedentary lifestyle is also a major culprit.

It’s been decades since the majority of work in America consisted of physical labor in the fields and factories. Today, most jobs are done sitting down. And that translates to a lot less daily physical activity.

So, how do we begin to rectify the situation? Since leaving an office job to invest in a farm is probably out of the question for most Americans, making changes at the office is likely the best solution.

One choice that has become quite popular in many offices is the standing desk. The concept has been around for centuries – Kierkegaard, Dickens, and  Hemingway were apparently all fans. Over the past several years, more research has been released highlighting the correlation between sitting for long periods of time and the increased risk of high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other health problems.   This has motivated people to revive the standing desk, and even modify it to include a treadmill.

At Alliance Corporate Services, we have tried to anticipate the needs of our customers and offer a unique selection of standing and treadmill desks for large corporations and small businesses alike. And the response has been phenomenal. In fact, Judson Cohen of Weinstein & Cohen, P.A., wishes he had learned about the treadmill desk years ago. “I love it.  I routinely walk on the desk for several hours during the course of a day. [The] use of my walking desk allows me to get some exercise while still doing everything I need to do at work.  Also, by alternating between standing and sitting, it helps avoid aches from prolonged sitting.”

elizabeth-mansoMany businesses are also choosing walking desk stations as part of a more comprehensive wellness program. Business owner Elizabeth Manso of Brigade Bookkeeping originally invested in a single treadmill desk, but found it to be so mentally and physically beneficial she purchased another for her office. “Someone at the office is always on one of the two treadmill desks and [we] couldn’t be happier. Our treadmill desks are just one of the reasons the Brigade Bookkeeping team gets so much done now, which ultimately benefits our clients.”

The health benefits standing desks provide will likely carry this office furniture “trend” into another century. And we’re proud to offer a variety of options, and will gladly help you design a desk that fits your specific needs and budget.